There is something mystifying about web designers they are not famous, their work is not as famous as Chanel or Dior but their work can attract so many.

 Social media is getting more and more popular and there is always a website page to click on to see more about the company/business  ( that’s you by the way).

Why is a website so important ? For any business leaving a great impression is vital, you want to engage with them, make them stay and learn more about you not click and leave and turn to a competitor. 

So why Mo ? She has a HNC in Business  Management and had years of retail management experience before starting Sturrock Computers with her husband and 15 years later they are still here, survived one recession and a competitor.  The most important thing is she communicates with you email or phone call, listens to what you have to say, your ideas, your thoughts a good design is good business. 

Maureen is called Gadget for a reason her knowledge of Social Media means that she can help you connect both your website/blog to any of your social media accounts and teach you all about the hashtags.

While designing this Guru can save all your data from an old laptop or computer that has been sat in the cupboard and been forgotten about or if you have a computer or laptop that belonged to a loved one who is no longer with us she can get the data and put photos etc on a memory stick for you #multitasker.