About Us

We are the Sturrock’s Derek and Maureen.

Husband and wife team who live and breathe technology. We are based in Carnoustie on the North East Coast of Scotland.

We have been in business too long (since 2005) however we enjoy every minute and somehow managed to stay married.

Staying in Carnoustie it was inevitable that we would end up playing golf not only does it have The Championship Course but another two 18 hole courses. Monday our day off you will find us cursing and playing some good and some bad golf. We both run and stay fit but Maureen is the Apple loving arty one & Derek is the gaming one. That is why we are a great combination, you come into the shop about gaming and Windows Derek is your man anything to do with photography, graphics and anything Apple it is Maureen.

We really are a great team with a sense of humour and hope to continue that way. After all if you love your job why give it up.

Maureen and Derek (3 of 17)

We never take ourselves seriously but our work we give 100% and more.